Sunday, January 4, 2009

Prehistoric flint, pottery and bronze objects with contemporary structures

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My thanks to Philip Dixon and the Crickley Hill Trust for permission to reproduce this figure and extract from "Crickley Hill and Gloucestershire Prehistory", 1977:  

"The first metals, copper and copper alloys, appeared in Britain about 2000 BC, apparently associated with the immigrant users of "Beakers", characteristically-shaped decorated vessels of fine pottery.  Iron came into common use in Britain much later, during the seventh and sixth centuries BC, and the sophisticated bronze-smiths and founders of the Late Bronze Age were re-placed as the providers of tools and weapons by blacksmiths.

After the abandonment of the Neolithic site Crickley seems to have lain deserted for over a thousand years.  The few fragments of Beaker pottery have been recognized in the excavations, and flint arrowheads of the same period suggest that the hilltop was then being used for little more than hunting.  The change came with the arrival of the hillfort builders."

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