Friday, January 9, 2009

Another lashing, this time from beyond the seas ...

"Dear C-H-M,
Many, many years ago my friend and I obtained copies of a book which seemed harmless enough, even quite amusing, at the time. But now I've found out that may not be the case, and my copy is in storage. I've checked the official list of items prohibited for storage by my employer and pornography, propaganda, subversive material or items of great value are not permitted.  What should I do?

Worried of Little Britain"

Dear Worried,

I must unmask you, I'm afraid, and remind you that you told me you were running adult literacy centres for the Army in Cyprus. Surely your duty is clear: book it out of storage and use it as course - should that be coarse - material for our boys? The all-action boddice-ripping yarn packed with fighting will surely appeal to their puckish sense of fun?


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