Sunday, January 4, 2009

One Thursday in 1985 ...

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For reasons I know not - but I'm sure enlightenment would come from Messrs. Dixon or Savage - Thursday was the rest day. By and large, because the bus that stopped at the end of Greenway Lane went to Cheltenham, almost everyone went into Cheltenham on Thursdays to do a little bit of shopping and to relax.  Few people, especially in the first 15 years of the excavations, had cars, so other destinations than Cheltenham were a rarity.  (Much for the same reason, public houses other than the Air Balloon were rarely honoured with the diggers' custom.  There were occasional trips to the Green Dragon at Cowley, but not much else.)

Favoured haunts included the Montpellier end of town, the Promenade and the Imperial Gardens.  The latter, I think, is the location of the above Phillpotts 1985 picture of Sasha Judelson and Alan Lupton (with a hint of Nadine Munn-Baron on the left).

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