Saturday, January 10, 2009

An introduction to the watercolours of V. A. Wright

Dr Ferris has now turned me into a postcard collector: a little judicious hunting around on eBay after Iain's tipoff the other day has resulted in a steady series of hesitant rattlings at the letterbox, rustlings on the way through, followed by gentle cloppings onto the hallway tiles at the Albergo Parker.  Postcards of Gloucestershire are now arriving from as far away as Malaga.  
It is clear from my brief researches and purchases that there was a watercolourist - probably before the Second World War from the font style and card design - called V. A. Wright (sex unknown to me as yet) whose easel was set up fairly regularly round Crickley, Barrow Wake & Birdlip.  Crickley aficionados will recognise the slightly different perspective offered from Birdlip.

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