Friday, May 29, 2009

Boden on Lash

Mr Boden's archive contains a gem:

"Herr Blogmeister, the Boden archive used to extend further - I once had a good selection from 1980, but lent them to someone many years ago and never saw them again. [Who was it? Let's track 'em down?] Anything else, not sure.... I have thousands of slides, the Pentax became the Nikon, and I continued to use this medium until CCD technology overtook the resolution of the best quality film early in this millennium.

A propos of the recent Captain Lash postings, the copy that still somehow resides on my bookshelves was the basis of the proposed stage version, fully annotated as the prototype script in a hand which I know isn't Ferris's so must presumably be Philpotts or yourself. For example, Cocky's concertina has become a recorder, and textual alterations such as "He began to rave, ripping out a - 'torrent of filthy lingua franca' (replaced by) 'Giant JP!' - that would have curdled the blood of Cora had she understood it." Maybe an important and iconic copy for the Lash aficionados - perhaps I should stick it up on eBay and let them fight amongst themselves for it!!!!

Finally, I still possess my old WHS trowels and have used them again relatively recently for their properly designed purpose - ie repointing old brickwork."

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