Monday, May 4, 2009

Which open weekend was this?

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Joanne Milroy has been digging in the family archive.  "Working through my father's not insignificant photo archive (unsurprising as he was a photographer by trade) I have come across a few Crickley shots ( some of which I enclose).  My parents were quite regular visitors to Open Weekend, usually parking their caravan at Mike Cuttell's Ullenwood Court site. 
The first two pictures seem to be of an Open Weekend during a later season.  Certainly either an Open Weekend or weekend site tour, although if it was an Open Weekend I would have expected more 'attractions' around the dig encampment such as a tea tent or an iron age cooking display!  I still have the Stone Age Snack Bar sign which we used on a couple of occasions."

 I'd quite forgotten that there was a period when the information boards were fixed into the ground within the interior of the fort: they provided a convenient barrier for Phil to lean on and address the assembled multitude of grockles!

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Fiona Wilkes said...

I'm wondering if this is one of the open weekends from one of the seasons between '89 and '93. It's certainly one when the long mound was being excavated and looking at the parched grass I'm thinking it could be the year Crickley sizzled in 1990;