Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crickley Hill in times past ...

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The Crickley Hill information boards, it's fair to say, have seen better days: the above photograph was taken on Easter Sunday.  The board says "Crickley Hill is a nationally important archaeological site because of the many different phases of occupation and the care and extent of its investigation.  Results so far suggest that the hill was inhabited intermittently for about 4000 years between 3500 BC and 500 AD.

The soil on the hill is shallow but it has never been ploughed so many of man's past activities are recorded not only in the bedrock but also the subsoil.

Excavations over the years have produced hundreds of thousands of finds; pieces of bone, fragments of pottery, daub from the walls of buildings, metalwork, glass, charcoal, flint and various stones, many of which are foreign to the site.

These finds with other information from seeds, pollen, soil samples and even snail shells help the archaeologists to build up a picture of the man's early use of Crickley Hill."

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