Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dr Phillpotts provides an erudite commentary ...

Dr Phillpotts has taken time out from his labours to tie together one or two strands that we might otherwise have missed.

"Really Julian, what's next? Left leg? Right leg? You must remember that you are a Delicate Critter and must take care of yourself. ... I was glad to see that Andrew Powell is sending in his contributions: I see that you have already worked out that no 3 is the CH72 season. The reason that the cutting is so close to the huts is that it was extended up to them to follow the lines of postholes of a 20-post longhouse. The strat was very shallow over the bedrock. I think I remember some of the postholes being hacked out by Cameron Moffet with a catbasher, which she broke. She too now lives in Shropshire.

Further to some other recent posts, the shot of
Sylvie was taken up the photographic tower. I was also up the tower when I took the picture of PWD returning from the peeing tree, with a 200m zoom lense. As he heard the shutter click, Phil raised two fingers to me in jocular salute.

I much appreciated the shot of
Jill Hummerstone in action on the serving counter, but I wonder if the double drainer metal sink is in fact a 1980s replacement of the original arrangement, which I fancy may have been single, deep and ceramic. Also in the 1980s refurbishment the whole stage and the piano was lost. Does no one have a picture of the mural that was on the back panel of the stage facing the kitchen? It featured King Kong holding Big Ben, and I believe it was painted by Pat Anderson's sisters c1972.

The unreleased
Troubled Bridge over Water was from our GG and the Wart Removers phase, when we really were a duo and Andrew Powell was lost in space. It featured an extended cut of Jordanian Woman and our nod to the English pastoral tradition, Walking to Hampton Homosexual. Sadly the master tapes are lost, but perhaps if you can remember what BAWB sounded like, you weren't really in it."

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