Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is this a ticklish question from Andrew Powell or a rash one?

Andrew Powell asks:

"Glad to hear that John Boden has been in touch. But his picture of the ablutions triggered a vague memory - concerning the luxuriant bed of nettles visible outside. My memory is of someone (no doubt Ferris/Phillpotts/Boden can identify the victim - something says Boden - but I may be way out) who on returning from an evening at the local hostelry mistook said bed for his own, and in a partially undressed state lay down in it, not fully appreciating the fact for some time - although by next morning I think he was aware of his error."

Ow. Ai-ai-ai-eeeouw.  Should not the verb perhaps have been "fell" rather than "lay"?  Perhaps it mattereth not. Gentlemen?

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