Sunday, May 31, 2009

The long grass at Ullenwood in black and white

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From the English Heritage National Monuments Record collection, the Cold War series taken by Michael Hesketh Roberts in 1999: the long grass at Ullenwood looking particularly luxurious and doubtless appealing to the foxes of which Lofty was so fond ...

Whilst on the subject of Ullenwood, I have a vague recollection of some episode involving surveillance by the Gloucestershire Constabulary drug squad.  I have a feeling that somebody had planted a grove of marijuana, on one side or the other of Greenway Lane, and that the dope plants were discovered, presumably by Mike Cuttell, on whose land the undesirable growing was taking place.  The police were informed and this led to some doubtless long-suffering Detective Constable hiding in the hedge awaiting the return of the marijuana grower, presumably with the intention of making an arrest followed by interview, and unless a very good explanation was forthcoming, charges were sure to follow. I have half a suspicion that this may have been either in 1976 on 1977 when Ken and Dave were the cooks for the season and I think the only reason I know anything about this at all is that they mentioned that they were in the habit over a few days of slipping down Greenway Lane and handing plates of hot food into the hedge for the nourishment of the long-suffering Detective Constable.  Presumably a disembodied arm would emerge from the hedge to return the plates and cutlery.  At this distance I am beginning to wonder whether I have imagined this: does it ring any bells with anyone else?

 I cannot imagine the Gloucestershire police sparing anyone to stake out a marijuana patch these days.

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Max said...

No, you are not imagining this entirely. I can confirm that there were two cooks called Ken and Dave. However, I cannot comment on your other allegations and demand to see my solicitor.