Friday, May 8, 2009

A Small Celebration - the 400th post!

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I am now back at home recovering from the arthroscopic relocation of two parts of my shoulder socket which have been successfully reattached by the amazing orthopaedic surgery team at University College Hospital: a couple of months in a sling and I should be fully  fit and well again. May I just say thank you to all those of you who have sent me good wishes for a speedy recovery?  You have been very kind and I have much appreciated your e-mails.

I thought I would mark my return with yet another beautiful picture from Peter Wakely's 1995 series for Natural England, to whom thanks, as ever, for permission to reproduce on the blog.

This particular post is the 400th since I started the blog last year and I'd like to give my personal thanks to the many of you who have contributed by sending photographs and penning reminiscences.  There's quite a bit in the pipeline which will be posted over the course of the next few weeks in the run-up to the reunion itself.

Meanwhile Google's 'Analytics' software tells me that there have been well over 4000 visits and more than 10,000 page views from 57 countries: what they make of the blog in Norway, Brazil, South Korea, Japan and Indonesia I do not know!  The readership is predominantly from the United Kingdom, America, Canada, Italy and Cyprus.

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