Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ah, the beds and mattresses ...

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My thanks to Dr Griffiths for this heart-warming shot of some beds and mattresses, probably, from the absence of partitions, in the laundry opposite the mess hall. This was used as overspill accommodation when the dormitories and the tents were full. Taken, Griff thinks in 1984 or thereabouts. It brings back that luxurious feel, doesn't it?

Whoops! Misidentification by me of hut: Griff updates:"It was not the laundry but the hut right beside (left of as entering) the gate to [Ullenwood Camp], which was less noticeable as was surrounded by pine trees on 3 sides. The barred windows suggest it was originally used as a guardhouse or cooler but rumours (probably unfounded) persisted that it had been the mortuary of the USAAF hospital. It was an 'overflow' hut, which tended to be occupied once the other huts were full, usually by younger and less socially integrated males. I was in it in my first season in 1982 and also 1983 I think. It was less popular than the others because of its open plan, its generally run down, dark (because of the trees) unappealing and flyblown interior, and its distance from the 'brick shithouse'. There was a toilet cubicle inside the door, but it was a great mistake to use it because the flush was broken and it leaked badly."

There were less socially integrated males, Griff? Surely not?

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