Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Southwood by Boden 1975

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Some days ago I suggested that Dave Southwood wore a plastic Roman helmet whilst digging. Dr Ferris writes: "Misidentified Roman Military Equipment: while I fully understand that Crickley Hill Man quite rightly oversees a family-friendly blog, I hope he will allow me to comment on Dave Southwood's helmet seen full frontal in this photo. This toy plastic helmet was dug up in 1974 on the Old Ferry Approach, Woolwich site and rather than being repro Roman it was, in fact, repro medieval and missing its visor. For some curious reason known only to himself Dave chose to wear this hat on site at Woolwich and for a number of years afterwards at Crickley. In the event of anything falling on his head it would have afforded little protection."

That may be so: readers can judge for themsleves in the portrait above showing the item in all its glory is from the Boden studio, 1975.

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