Monday, July 20, 2009

Mani puliti

Dr Ferris is on a retrospective cleanliness jag: "The recently-posted photo on the blog of Crickley Hill Man emptying the contents of someone else's bladders was worringly juxtaposed with a photo of a teabreak scene. Can Crickley Hill Man reassure his perhaps more sensitive readers that he thoroughly washed his hands after his Elsan exertions and before he began dunking and eating his rich-tea biscuits?

On the subject of teabreak differentials in biscuit provision, it may upset Becky to learn after all these years that Corky was not averse to sometimes slipping the supervisors a gingernut or two, on pain of death should they divulge the existence of these spicy treats to the blissfully-unaware, rich-tea-dunking, mass of diggers."

I would like to reassure Iain that I have a clear recollection of regularly washing my hands using the water straight out of the jerry-cans. I also managed to blag my way onto a diet of digestives, but I can't recall being favoured with gingernuts ...

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