Friday, July 10, 2009

During the 2009 site tour after the picnic

During the picnic PWD took us on a site tour. This Dumycz shot captures just over 40 of the 60-plus who attended, grouped on the National Trust side of the hill. Apologies if I miss anyone in the following list: Jane Dineen, Ros Cleal, Marion Barter, Paul Noakes, Philip Dixon, Terry Courtney, Andrew Powell, Anna Behan, Chris Phillpotts, Nick Snashall, Bernie Dawson, Corky Gregory, Les Capon, Malcolm White, Alan Ford, Richard Ozanne, Rebecca Chambers, Jill Hummerstone, Emma Turner, Dave Foster, Penny Hart, Steve and Joanne Vaughan, John Parry, Julie-Ann Morrison, Penny Hart, Kate Dumycz, Lydia Savage, John Boden, Iain Ferris, Richard and Becky Sanderson, Lucy Loveridge, Dave Butler, Miriam Vallely and Mike Sims. Phew - who did I miss? PWD finished the site tour with a call "Back to drinking!"

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Why dont you upload more pictures of the picnic???