Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Friendship Quilt

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One of the many delightful moments during the reunion: the display of the friendship quilt made by Kate Gilbert, Corky Gregory, Naomi Jackson, Sue Lee-Jeffs and Lucy Loveridge in 1981 and given to Ros Cleal at the time of her wedding to Dave Southwood. Admiring the quilt, left and right, Maya and Alexandra Domeshek, Kate and Eric's daughters; holding the quilt, left to right, Ros, Lucy, Corky and Kate.

I drove Kate, Eric, Maya and Alexandra down from London on Friday and Kate talked about the quilt as we drove: little did we know, as she mentioned it and explained how it came to be made, that she would be reunited with her handiwork the following day!

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Kate said...

For me, one of the more stranger moments of the reunion was when Kate Domeshek (nee Gilbert) turned to me, Kate Dumycz (nee Cole), and told me that on all the emails that CHM had sent out about the reunion, she thought CHM had gone mad and had spelt her name Kate Dumycz instead of Kate Domeshek!

Then, before Phil gave his talk, Mr Dumycz introduced himself to Mr Domeshek and there was a brief moment when both looked at each in disbelief as their names sounded eerily similar when pronounced. There followed a quick comparing of genealogical trees. It would appear that Messrs Dumycz and Domeshek’s respective families come from within the same 100-200 mile radius of the same part of the Ukraine (formerly Poland)! Hmmm, could they be distant cousins?... So CHM, what are the odds on two (possibly) very distant cousins, living in two different continents, meeting and marrying two former diggers of certain hill located in Gloucestershire, England? Weird!