Saturday, July 25, 2009

Life In the ladies' dorm ...

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This excellent shot of a pit in either Dorm 3 or Dorm 4 comes from Jill Hummerstone bearing the legend "Must have been my bed for the 1987 season". All the Ullenwood essentials are on view: the iron bedstead, the straw filled mattress (though this looks suspiciously like a superior model!), the small bedside table (a luxury) and the cabinet. The curtains that originally hung at the end of the cubicle to afford a modicum of privacy are long gone.

I would imagine that these days that if H.M. Prison Service were to offer accommodation of this standard they would be roundly condemned by H.M. Inspector of Prisons and firmly told that rioting would be the likely result of housing people in such spartan conditions.

But we rather liked it, on the whole and rarely, if at all, rioted.

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