Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dr Ferris is mischievous ...

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Here's 'that nice Mr Ferris' (as Julie-Ann Morrison would say) looking as though butter would not melt in his mouth. But he sends me the following mischievous e-mail:

"I wonder if it occurred to you, seeing the displayed friendship quilt on Saturday, that there might be a very fitting way to celebrate and recognise the fantastic romantic exploits of the Crickley diggers over the years by incorporating the information on Dr Phillpotts's flowchart into a textile design, something like Tracey Emin's tent, although you might feel that something the size of a circus big top is more appropriate in this case. Let me know what you think."

Lucy Loveridge, Kate Gilbert, Corky Gregory and Naomi Jackson would certainly have some sewing to do, but it's probably just as well Dr Ferris isn't within clouting distance. Do I correctly divine the views of the expert sewing team?

Perhaps Attic red-figure pottery, c. 520 - 460BC, would be a more appropriate medium? Who were the painters amongst us?

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