Sunday, July 12, 2009

A very happy pitch invasion ...

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28 former Crickley diggers, partners and family sat down for dinner at the Royal George on Friday 3 July 2009, the night before the reunion picnic. Quite a few people were staying elsewhere, mostly at the Golden Heart, and came a bit later for drinks and Philip Dixon's talk. One of the great moments was the eruption, amid much cheering, into the dining room, part way through dinner, of a phalanx led by Les Capon and Jill Hummerstone, bearing this splendid RAC road sign, lovingly preserved from years gone by. L to R, C-H-M's jacket, Jill Hummerstone, Arwel Barrett, Les Capon, Terry Courtney, Richard Ozanne and Alan Ford. The scene was captured by Lydia Savage.

As will be seen on the blog in due course, Jill and Les also brought the sign to the picnic itself. Many covetous glances were cast in its direction and compliments were paid to the evident high quality of its manufacture. One attendee, who shall remain nameless, even mused to Crickley Hill Man about the dastardly possibility of finishing off Jill and Les and absconding with the sign as a trophy. The drink was beginning to talk, I fear, but I am delighted to report that the picnic did not turn into a crime scene and Jill and Les survived unharmed.

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