Sunday, November 2, 2008

An accident in a wheelbarrow race ...

Iain Ferris's piece here on the Sports Days has got Dave Butler reminiscing:

"Yes, Iain, I remember it well! The welly wanging sports, I think, were fixed in that you gave me "No wang" for my competition winning wang, as my left toe was 3mm over the wang start line. As for the wheel barrow racing, what can I say, again fixed! I was given a rather large American lass to 'wheel' and she came a cropper at the bend near the rampart entrance.

Also I was exhausted after 3 yards so it may be just as well she exited the barrow at an angle of 270 degrees to the horizontal. I, meanwhile, was recovering from heat stroke with a well timed slug of GL cider which miraculously appeared in the nick of time. Funny how these things happen, eh? Happy days!"

Plainly, we could have done with an electronic eye for the line calls, but it hadn't been invented yet. Presumably, Dave's co-competitor was recorded as given out LBW (Lost By Wheelbarrower) by the umpire? Good that the medicine bottle of GL was to hand in Dave's hour of need. I see from my web researches that it is still made but is quite hard to come by: some says that GL stands for "Gloucester Lager".

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