Sunday, November 9, 2008

Transactions of the Geological Society of London

I referred in the last post to Fitton and have found an image of the original reference.

Transactions of the Geological Society of London By Geological Society of London: "univalve perhaps a Faludina occurs in such numbers as in some places to form nearly the whole mass 5 Portland stone with numerous Trigoniae and Pemae Great Hazeley In the principal quarry at this place the strata dip to about 20 east of south at an angle of about 4 and are traversed by joints nearly in the same direction The order is as follows Stone pit at GREAT HAZELEY 9 1 Soil forming a level and uniform surface 2 Loam brown and red containing fragments of ferruginous conglomerate carstone and of a brown substance like umber passing below into ferruginous sand 3 ft to j 3 Thinly stratified firm clay or marl of a light grey colour approaching to stone not effervescent containing between the folia impressions of plants and including portions of reddish sand in horizontal masses of very unequal thickness It breaks down rapidly in water"

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