Monday, November 10, 2008

At last: a Definitive History of the Below Average White Band

Dr Phillpotts performed manfully (should that be tunefully or rhythmically?) in all bar one of the manifestations of the United Kingdom's most cacophonous and curiously talented band. He also lovingly recorded the identities of his fellow band members and the instruments they "played". This historical chart was originally created by Dr Phillpotts, with no little difficulty, in Word: I've reworked it in Powerpoint in order to get the whole history onto a single frightening page. It is perhaps too ambitious to write a commentary on all known performances of the band in a single post, so having published tonight the BAWB's DNA, I call upon other fellow band members to assist me in recalling its more memorable moments. Click on the image to get a larger and more legible version ...

The definitive list of instruments is: piano, kettle, hosepipe, guitar, percussion, clarinet, bottles, spoons, toys, dustbin lids, various parts of Mr Bernard Dawson too numerous to list separately, kazoo, recorder, harmonica, teapot, jug, cider jars, voice, short and long scaffold pipes, water tubs, furniture van, plumbing pipes, tin bowl, plastic bowl, kitchen scales, cups and anglepoise lamps.
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